Should I apply?

<p>I'm a junior male from east Tennessee (class of '10).</p>

-High school: Competitive private
-GPA: 3.7 weighted (I realize this is pathetic, freshman/sophomore years were a waste)
-Class rank: My school doesn't rank; I would put myself in the top 20 of my class of ~100
-Curriculum: planning to take 4 years French/English/Math/Lab Science/Social Studies; Bible is a required elective each year and I've had other electives every year
2 APs junior year, planning to take 4 APs next year (my school is limited academically as far as APs go, I always take honors and "advanced" when available.)</p>

-No ACT or SAT yet; I scored a 214 on the PSAT (highest in my school, right on the average for NMSF qualifying in Tennessee but I don't know yet, would that help?)</p>

<p>Extracurricular/other (can someone help with what to even include?):
-Christian Literature Club (treasurer)
-Chem Club
-Chess Club
-National Honor Society
-15 hours of service/year (required by school)
-annual trip to French Canada in which we do various service projects and run a sports camp for little kids (not included in required service)
-swimming for 8 years, high school swimmer all 3 years, club swimming (year-round and practice every night; takes a good chunk of time) for 2 years
-member of varsity Scholar's Bowl team, 10th and 11th grade
-nationally ranked in the French Grand Concours, 10th grade</p>

<p>SO, let's just imagine for a moment that I get 2100+ on the SAT (probably higher since the PSAT was 214 without studying), my GPA raises up to 4.0W, and I have superb recs/essays. Do I have a chance? How does admission compare to that of UNC and UVa?</p>

<p>Also, I've heard that you are automatically accepted if you are a National Merit Finalist. Any truth to this statement?</p>

<p>P.S. Congrats to the Horns on their Tostito's Bowl victory; it's always good to see Ohio State "dethroned" ;)</p>

<p>What major do you want? it is probably going to be easier than UNC... If you aren't looking into business, and you can get in the top 10 of your class, you should have a good shot.</p>

<p>UT will be easier to get in than UVA or UNC. If you are a NMF, it will be likely that you will be accepted (colleges love to boast how many NMF's are in their entering class).</p>

<p>My major will probably be economics (I like social studies and math and I'm interested in going into corporate law/politics), which I don't believe is in the school of business but I may be wrong.</p>

<p>Why is the out-of-state percentage so low? It just seems like with such a high in-state percentage, out-of-state acceptance would be notably rigorous.</p>

<p>out-of-state acceptance is so low because UT is required to accept all in-state students in the top ten percent of their class.</p>

<p>So UT gets stuck with a bunch of below average kids that go to really bad schools. It sucks.</p>


<p>Sorry to ask so many questions but I know little-to-nothing about UTexas and I am very curious now. What's the student body like (politically, religiously, etc.)? For example, if I'm a white conservative Christian that plans to go Greek, would I just be filling a mold or is there a lot of diversity?</p>

<p>Also how is financial aid?</p>

<p>Thanks a ton.</p>

<p>UT is a lot easier to get into than UNC and UVA. UVA is really difficult to get into if you're applying from out of state; the girl in my grade who's going there got recruited for crew. A kid in my grade got into UT with a D on his transcript in I'd say you're definitely in.</p>

<p>UT is a very liberal campus in one of the most liberal cities in Texas. But since it is a huge campus, you should have no problem finding your niche:).</p>

For example, if I'm a white conservative Christian that plans to go Greek, would I just be filling a mold or is there a lot of diversity


<p>You would fit the mold of the 20% or so who go Greek and are mostly white conservative Christians. That leaves quite a few, around 32000 or so, who are different than you.</p>

<p>If you make National Merit Scholar (which I think you will), you will almost certainly be admitted. UT is great. Visit and see.</p>

<p>Thanks for all the responses. Now I just have to convince my parents to fly out to Austin and visit...</p>