Should I ask Investment Banks can I make coffee for a few weeks?

Hello, I am a rising Sophomore in high school who is interested in investment banking. I want to obtain an internship this summer however, it seems that it is impossible to obtain if one is in high school with out any connections. I read a thread that said to call some banks and ask to make coffee in order to get a foot in the door.
I was wondering does anyone think this is a good idea?
Could it lead to future employment?
And would they even let me?

Any impute would be greatly appreciated.

I think when you turn 16 you get try to get a regular part time job. Perhaps you could work in a coffee shop. Anything you would do as a high school intern in IB would pretty much be a made up job. You might pick up some tips on the business world by being a golf caddy.

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honestly why not…it will show you are eager and want to learn or be in the culture/firm in any way possible… you will act as their bit… but

Probably not going to happen. IB’s are very strict about who enters their offices. Both IB and trading are very restrictive. A young high schooler would probably not be considered for even a visit unless you are the child of an MD or higher.

Anybody can visit as long as they are visiting an employee, and the employee would need to be with the visitor the whole time, no different than any other corporation.

This is a silly question from OP. Most corporations cannot hire anyone without pay except for course credits, and they do not need anyone to make coffee for them. At IBs, they already have analysts (college grads) get coffee for them, they don’t need high schoolers to do that.

No one “makes coffee” in most offices any more. Go to collleges, get great grades, and apply for internships then.

I only asked because I saw someone say to call private equity firms and ask to make coffee for a few weeks.