Should I assume no scholarship?

<p>So I applied to the U in September and got in on Halloween(Specifically remember as it's my mom's bday). I have yet to hear anything of a scholarship. Should I just assume I didn't get one? I'm OOS and money is a real concern. I have other offers from schools, so it's fine if the U doesn't offer anything, I just want to know so I can cross it off my list.</p>

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<p>My D was accepted the beginning of November, received the Honors Program letter the beginning of December, and received her scholarship letter yesterday. I don't think you can rule scholarships out yet.</p>

<p>DD is a freshman this year. She was admitted to CBS in early November (2010). Her scholarship notification did not arrive until March 23rd. She got the Maroon & Gold Leadership Award ($12k per year).</p>

<p>Have a look at this thread from last year:
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