Should I attend a YYGS cohort which I am not very interested in, or should I wait until UC COSMOS decisions?

Title says it all. I was accepted into the Literature and Philosophy topic for YYGS today, and although I am super grateful, I don’t know if it’s worth it if I’m focused on STEM. They require the $3500 tuition by next week, too. I’d rather attend a program which I am interested in though, like COSMOS, which primarily focuses on science. The problem is that decisions for COSMOS don’t come out until April. Should I just deny YYGS, pay the tuition as a backup in case I get rejected from COSMOS, or is Literature and Philosophy worth attending?

Here’s a catch. I also got into YYGS for LPC yesterday and luckily the LPC topic at hand is closely related to my intended major and some of my academic interests, so I see this program to be valuable. However, other programs release decisions later in the month, so I am also in a dilemma.

In your case, the LPC does not match your STEM focus. However, a program like COSMOS has a risk: there is a high likelihood of not receiving admission. Let’s say, without Murphy’s Law, you got accepted to COSMOS and had ditched YYGS. This is the best scenario right? What about the case when you ditched YYGS and got rejected from COSMOS. That’s a hard situation.

You ought to declare your interest for YYGS. Perhaps a humanities focus may be interesting to explore for you, especially because you are a STEM-oriented person. Additionally, there are many cross-applications between the humanities and STEM that you could be unique in your application.

Hard decision, but do not take a risk, especially with a prestigious program like COSMOS.

All right. That makes sense. Worst case scenario, I just attend LPC. Thanks.