Should I attend?

So…I’ve been sitting on an acceptance from Embry-Riddle for about a week now and I wanted some feedback from students there. How bad is the so called “Riddle Run Around”? Is the male-female ratio that horrible? Are the people as bad as the internet makes them out of be?

Here are some of my stats…

Top 5% of class
3.9 GPA
1320 SAT
Major: Aerospace Engineering
Female and a minority (hence why I’m a little concerned)

Probably a bit late for this response, but I’ll still answer your questions in case you’re still curious or any other prospective students look at this thread :wink:

I’m a freshmen female student majoring in Aerospace Engi at ERAU right now. Personally, I love it here. Its not without flaws, but thats true for any college you look at (and anybody who tells you otherwise is trying to sell you something).

The Riddle Run-Around has really not been a problem for me at all. People talk about it when they have to go to multiple university offices to do paperwork or get some kind of approval complete and they keep getting passed off to some other admin office. We’re about to have our new Student Union finished this upcoming Fall which will house many offices closer together so the problem will be even further minimized. But yeah, I’ve never had any issues, and the only stories I have heard are from when people are trying to drop courses or get force entered in something and have to get their advisors and deans to sign the form, but most students don’t need to do that.

Ah the ratio. The subject of so many jokes at Riddle. It’s not as bad as its made out to be. My class I believe is the best ratio so far and we’re sitting around 30% or more female. Its definitely noticable around campus/classes, but I cannot say that its ever negatively impacted me as a female student here. If you’re into STEM topics than you’ve probably already experienced a skew towards male students in classes. Plus, there are many opportunities (and some scholarships!) that the school can potentially throw your way for being a girl here.

While we aren’t diverse in gender, Riddle is really cool because of how diverse we are in where people come from. Only 30% of students are from Florida, everybody else is out of state (or out of country!). There’s a lot of interesting people you can meet from all over the globe with different backgrounds and heritages. Personally, I’m not from Florida so it was nice that I didn’t feel like a sore thumb when I came here for the first time.

“Are the people as bad as the internet makes them out to be?” I don’t really know how to respond to this question. I didn’t think there was a stereotype of students being rude here or anything. Again, I’m thoroughly enjoying my time here so I haven’t had any issues. Like any school there’s a variety of personalities here, but I haven’t seen an overwhelming amount of “bad” people here.

Based on your stats you’d probably definitely get offered some money to go here if you’re curious. Aerospace engineering is a tough major, but as long as you aren’t afraid of working hard, you’ll be fine!

Let me know if you have any other questions! I hope that your college search has gone well!