Should I avoid cliched topics?

<p>The best topic I can think about writing on is my Asian-American heritage. But considering how many people out there that must be in the same situation, I don't wanna be just another cliched applicant. Should I avoid that topic or go for it?</p>

<p>Make your essay stand out. Either make it some interesting topic, or just make it that much better than every other "I'm asian" essay.</p>

<p>make it funny. i've had enough of those boring I'm asian essay. They all make me sleepy.</p>

<p>Although I don't know exactly what you plan to write about or what angle you want to take it from, don't think that you need a totally creative and unique topic to get in. I wrote about my experiences as drum major in a marching band and what that leadership position taught me... sounds kind of typical (one the same level with being captain of a basketball team or self-motivation in studying for quiz bowl), but hey, it got me into Harvard, Princeton, and Stanford. (I did not apply to the other Ivies.) The imporant thing is to show your personality, and your personality is unique. Think about what facets of yourself you want to show, such as what values you have, what you have learned, what experiences you have had, and how you have matured.</p>

<p>i think the asian trick is good if you're going to a college that doesnt have that many asians in it...</p>