Should I be considering Cornell?

<p>Hey guys, I'm currently a Sophomore and I was wondering if it would be feasible for me to consider Cornell. I've done extremely well in High School and only got 1 B in one semester of Spanish 2, which I took during middle school. Give your general and quick opinions if I should begin to look into Cornell. </p>

<p>**Btw I was just wondering if that one middle school B will affect Cornell in the slightest or do they just recalculate my GPA?</p>

<p>Latest SAT Score (Minimal Studying) - 760 Math, 780 Reading, 680 Writing - 2220
Current Unweighted GPA : 3.97
Project Unweighted GPA By end of Junior Year : 3.98
Current Weighted GPA : 4.62
Projected Weighted GPA By end of Junior Year : 4.78 </p>

<p>Current Stats (Grades)
<em>7th Grade</em> (HS classes)
Algebra 1A = A
Algebra 1B = A
Spanish 1A = A
Spanish 1B = A</p>

<p><em>8th Grade</em> (HS classes)</p>

<p>Honors Geometry A = A
Honors Geomtry B = A
Spanish 2A = A
Spanish 2B = B</p>

<p><em>9th Grade</em>
Honors US HistoryA = A
Honors English 9A = A
Honors Chemistry A = A
Concert Orchestra A = A
GymA = A
Honors Algebra 2A = A
Honors Spanish 3A = A
Honors US History B = A
Honors English 9 B = A
Honors Chemistry B = A
Concert Orchestra B = A
Gym B = A
Honors Algebra 2B = A
Honors Spanish 3B = A</p>

<p><em>10th Grade</em></p>

<p>AP Biology A (Skipped Honors Biology) = A (99.2% *****es)
AP US Government A = A
Honors Physics = A
Honors Precalc = A
Honors Spanish 4a = A
Honors English 10a = A</p>

<p>Yes, with a 1540 SAT already in addition to your top grades, you will have a very good chance of getting in.</p>

<p>Yes you have a good shot at getting in, but for your junior year I would pack your schedule with AP classes. </p>

<p>You've shown that the honors classes are easy for you, so take a bunch of APs to show your strength in harder level classes too.</p>

<p>Yeah I was planning of doing like this for junior year
AP BC Calc
AP Lang
AP Chem
AP World
AP Physics
AP Stat</p>

<p>Looks great. You seem to be doing everything possible to be an excellent cadidate. You didn't mention ECs/volunteer hours/awards won. These can boost your application even further. You're on the right track though!</p>

<p>Your stats are very similar to mine back in high school. I think you have a good shot if you keep it up with not just scores but ECs too - and if you have no anti-hook.</p>

<p>Alright well you wanted to see EC"s so here we go</p>

<p>-President and Founder of Recreational Mathematics
-Environmental Club (Soon to be President)
-Math Team (YTD About 20+ Competitions entered)
-QuizBowl/Its Academic Team (Currently B team Captain)
-Biology Club
-In a special program, MTS (School of Math, Technology and Science) in school
-10+ Hours a week of tennis and 14 Mid-Atlantic USTA sponsored Tournaments entered (Best Result, Semifinalist)
-Helps Building Services (Janitors) in recycling paper and bottles every Tuesday for an hour
-Final Frontiers County Winner (9th Grade) and Runner Up in two different divisions</p>

<p>90+ Volunteer Hours</p>

<p>Mm pretty good. If you win those competitions it will do you a lot of good. Do you happen to be ORM?</p>

<p>Keep this up and you will have a great shot!</p>

<p>Thanks maybe I will apply to Cornell after all, by the way what is ORM?</p>

<p>Overrepresented minority, such as white, asian, etc. similarly, URM is underrepresented minority such as black, hispanic, native american, etc. Also what college do you plan on applying to in Cornell, if you have one in mind? And are you male or female? (For engineering, being female is a distinct plus)</p>

<p>With your grades and EC's, I think you will have a very good chance of getting in, especially if you apply ED. Of course, 2 years from now, admissions will be more competitive than it is now though.</p>

<p>Well I was born here and my parents have lived here all their lives, but sadly I am a male asian (of Pakistani descent). I'm quite surprised that I have such a good shot at it but hopefully I can keep it up. Any specific things Cornell looks for that I should start prepping myself for? Oh and I was thinking about doing Bioengineering or Biology as a premed major</p>

<p>Btw The sat is overinflated, or doesn't reflect my average because I got extremely lucky on that test. My average is closer to 750 Reading,740 Math, 670 writing</p>

<p>cortana - white isn't ORM. It isn't a minority.</p>

<p>Anyways, i think you classify as an orm, and your choice of major might make it harder for you. I still think you have a good shot - just keep up the good work! Just know in advance that premed here isn't the easiest track in college. Also, I really suggest against bioengineering as a major here for premed - the workload and pressure may be too much, even given the ability you have shown so far. As a premed you need to do well in all your courses and cornell is rather liberal at giving work. Premed courses are also notorious for their difficulty/pointlessness - they're just something to survive through.</p>

<p>Thanks, I hope that I do make it. By the way if I want a good shot at Cornell, should be I taking something like this for Junior year?</p>

<p>AP BC Calc
AP Chem
AP World History
AP Stat
AP Psych
AP Lang</p>

<p>Or is that too easy and I should switch out stat for Psych?</p>

<p>^Yes that is an excellent, very difficult course schedule. And lucky SAT or not, that doesn't matter. Only the 1540 cr/m matters.</p>

<p>Haha thanks but sadly it wasn't truly real. A testing company was providing a mock 4 hour exam on a previous SAT from collegeboard. I really wish it had been real :P . But my course load doesn't look very hard haha, only 3 of them look like they'd give me some trouble (Lang, Calc, Chem). Hopefully I'll be seeing you at Cornell in 2.5 years as a freshman haha</p>

<p>if that wasn't real, then you still have some work to do. Keep working hard kid.</p>