Should I be holding my breath?

<p>Just wondering, I was hoping for some input. I’m getting wait listed everywhere I want to go, so I’m holding out hope for Brown. I was deferred early.</p>

<p>Stats-1390, IIs 750, 710, 690, 680…but a 33 ACT
5/400, 4.0
President of 2 clubs, and Editor-in-Chief of yearbook
Community service like whoa
My essays were really creative, like, I have no idea how I thought of them and related them to my life, but I did.
White from S. Jersey</p>

<p>I have contacted my rep on the adcom on several occasions, hoping to show my continued interest.</p>

<p>Please let me know…</p>

<p>better than me.</p>

<p>hhaha, I share your same feelings... I got either waitlisted or rejected everywhere I applied <em>cry</em> <em>cry</em>... :D
1460, 800-800-710Wr
No leadership post :( only 200hrs com serv/year :( can't write for nuts.
I guess, no school will want a int with this kinda stats haha... And I NEED finaid... :D</p>