Should I be kicking myself?

<p>Last year, I was accepted at Morehouse College as a high school junior through their Early Admissions program. I thought this was a great opportunity; graduating an entire year early. I didn't really expect to like the HBCU experience, but I always assumed that I could just transfer to UNC with ease as a NC resident and all...</p>

<p>Well a few moments ago I learned that UNC doesn't consider state residency in their transfer admissions and I feel like I've made a big mistake by graduating. My SAT score is definitely going to be my biggest obstacle.
(m/v/w-570/580/550) My high school gpa is a 4.3 (3.6 uw), took the hardest classes offered, and ranked 6/273. I had a ton of ECs which included starting my own charity organization and heavy involvement in band. At Morehouse I have a 3.25 gpa and was the only freshman to successfully get a student organization chartered.</p>

<p>As a black male and first generation college student, do I still stand a chance even though they don't consider state residency or should I just save my $70? Will they take my early graduation into consideration? Also, what are some other schools to consider? I'm an economics major and I plan to go to law school so naturally I'd pretty much like to go to the best school that'll accept me.</p>

<p>your college performance isnt that good, but its almost a B+ average...i would apply to UNCs, as your HS record is impressive, i doubt you'd be wasting $70</p>

<p>First Semester Grades...
English Comp...B
Elementary German...B+
World History...A-</p>

<p>please help me, you guys...</p>

<p>update - you have no Cs, just a bunch of Bs and a silly A-, not some As/B+s and a C, which is good news! Those are good grades buddy! obviously not Harvard material, but you're definently a candidate for UNCs, as long as you have some ECs, good essays, and good recs...</p>

<p>You might want to ask someone in the admissions department to see if UNC accepts SAT/ACT scores taken after high school. It's no fun reviewing all of that stuff again, but you might find it easier this time around after having taken college classes in English and Math. If you can get your scores up it'll make your record better AND show them that you're really serious about doing what it takes to get into their school. Other than that, work on getting a really, really, good GPA this semester!</p>

<p>I'm referring to UNC-Chapel Hill....just for clarity.</p>

<p>Suggestions for other schools to apply to would be very much appreciated.</p>

<p>don't go to UNC then. come to Duke.</p>

<p>duke wouldn't accept me with a 1700 SAT score no matter how black, male, and poor I was...</p>

<p>Well, your attitude isn't going to help--be confident and apply to UNC. You can't get in if you don't apply, and you can't change your past mistakes. Keep up your grades and good luck with your application--you should certainly apply :)</p>

<p>You're right, Cookie...what have I got to lose?...except $70...haha</p>

<p>if you're really that poor you should get a fee waiver.</p>

<p>No, I'm not really poor I was attempting to put emphasis on how horrible my SAT scores are; but I digress. Thanks for the advice, guys.</p>