Should I be nervous?

<p>Should I be nervous if people who applied way after me (I applied mid August, they applied 6 days ago...) already recieved acceptance letters and I have yet to hear anything back?....Because I'm incredibly nervous!</p>

<p>We are trying not to be nervous. My D applied late July to the nursing school and her application was complete at that time. We haven’t heard a word yet. We were told bt admissions that we’d hear by the end of Oct. It’s unsettling when people have already heard who applied much later. Looks like the people that have been accepted applied to engineering. Two students in our high school have been accepted to engineering. What is your intended major and your stats?</p>

<p>You know someone who applied 6 days ago and Pitt has received all their documents, processed their application, reviewed their application and sent them an acceptance letter…all in 6 days?</p>

<p>klfrech - I plan on going into Global business and foreign language. </p>

<p>aglages - When they said “applied” six days ago I’m assuming they meant it was complete. Because applying, and sending in everything AND being excepted all within those six days seems a bit far fetched, haha.</p>

<p>I feel the same way, I applyed on July 13th and had all my scores and transcripts in by July 18th and I havnt heard a thing either, its really nerve racking!</p>

<p>What is your intended major?</p>

<p>i applied midaugust and got mine today so dont stress too much!</p>

<p>I completed my application materials at the 4th of October and still got nothing. Applying for computer science and I am an international.</p>

<p>Tried calling to see if they’d give me any info (“in the mail”, “pending”, etc. etc.) All I got was a “Yeah, it’s complete.” </p>

<p>C’mon. Just go ahead and send me a rejection letter if you don’t want me.</p>

<p>I am still waiting. I called them and all they say is “It’s complete. You should here from us in few weeks”.</p>

<p>12 weeks after submission and still nothing.</p>