Should I be taking this course?

Hi, I’m currently a sophmore starting school. I have an engineering course at my school that is supposed to be useful, but many people have told me that the class is really bad. Would it be worth it to continue taking these classes? I am planning on pursuing engineering in the future, so would taking these classes help for college?

With nothing but “an engineering course” as a description, I doubt anyone here can advise you accurately. Is there a course description you can provide?

Math and Science courses would be more important for long-term success and admissions.

But my D took an Honors Engineering Applications course that provided valuable hands-on experience as a Senior, so it depends on the course and teachers.

That course description:

“ goal of advancing and stimulating student’s interest in the field of engineering through an in-depth advanced experiential approach.

Students will be actively engaged in the applied practices of various engineering fields. These practices include: designing, prototyping, analyzing, and improving existing designs and solving open ended problems. Student will use a variety of industry standard software as well as testing devices, tools, materials, and machines while applying mathematical and scientific concepts to resolve real world problems.

Students will be expected to conduct in-depth individual and group research, participate in class discussions and create presentations on their findings. Students who complete this course will have an in-depth understanding of engineering problem solving skills.”

The general course outline is “students will have the opportunity to design, build, test and fabricate creatively inspired solutions to traditional and abstract design engineering problems. Through this model, students will be exposed to design-build competitions, engineering summer workshops, industry/university internships, and local/national engineering projects in addition to their current high school curriculum and the core engineering classes.”
I have forgotten to mention that this is a four year course.

Would you be able to take all 5 core classes (English, Math, science, Foreign Language, social science/history) alongside this course?
If this is a Project Lead the Way course and you can take all 5 core courses alongside it then yes it’s a good idea.