Should I be worried about this email from UChicago?

I submitted my application to UChicago in the EDII Round.

Earlier today I got an email from UChicago saying I was missing materials so I logged into the portal and saw my ED agreement was missing.

I was confused because I remember submitting it an emailed my regional admissions counselor about it. She said it was a glitch and not to worry about it.

I’m a little worried that means I didn’t get accepted and not to worry about any supplemental materials. Am I right to be worried or am I just being paranoid? Did they even start reviewing EDII applicants yet?

If your regional admissions counselor said it was a glitch, I’d wait a week or so and then email the admissions office if its still missing. It is unlikely to have any impact on your admissions decision as long as they have it by the notification date.

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Because you just received that e-mail today you should forward to your admissions counselor as an FYI with the attachment of your previous correspondence. You will want to confirm that it’s a glitch.

However, I wouldn’t worry about whether this keeps them from reviewing your app. It won’t. Just make sure your “paperwork” is in order and then get back to your schooling until decision day rolls around. Good luck!

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