Should I bother applying to Georgetown?

I am currently a senior in CT. I visited Georgetown and fell in love with it. I would love to go, but was wondering whether I should bother to apply. Here are my stats:
-3.8 weighted, 3.6 unweighted
-1450 SAT superscored (740 English, 710 Math)
-31 ACT
I want to work in gov’t (hence Georgetown) and would love to make an impact on the justice system in regards to restorative justice. I believe I wrote a very compelling essay about being raised in a strict, white household and then going to an innercity school and realizing that I wanted to work in social justice. In addition to this, I have decent ECs, including Boy Scouts and working in the field of restorative justice. I know my GPA is low, but this includes dual enrollment classes at Yale. Also, I had several teachers ignore my 504 and received low grades in their classes, so I was thinking about explaining this in the extra section.
Any input in would be appreciated!

remember G Town requires 3 SAT subject tests- unless you have those and they are above 700 then it’s not worth it. If you have that, then sure, go for it. chances aren’t great so don’t get too pumped up for it, but bet on yourself.

Fortunately, Georgetown says that they won’t hold early action applicants accountable for the subject tests. Would this help me?

For “restorative justice”, consider Haverford College or any other Quaker school.