Should i bother to even appeal?

<p>I got rejected and i'm not having a very good senior say the least.
my stats were
2040 sati
800math iic
740 chem
3.95 ucgpa
ap stats:4
AP us history:3
4 years jv badminton
president of asian club
nhs, csf, etc.</p>

<p>my senior grades.. was 2.83 unweighted.. 3.5 weighted..
ap econ, ap spanish 4, ap gov, honors physics, english 12cp, choir.</p>

<p>yes try it!!! go for it, those stats are way better than min and i got in
SAT 1990
UC GPA 4.15
Math IIc 730
Physics 680
BAD AP scores<--- but that doesn't really matter
Good EC's</p>

<p>You can try, and I hope for the best for you, but that senior GPA isn't looking too hot....</p>

<p>yea.. tell me about it. >.<. What kind of compelling information can i put in? Because in my essay I didn't talk much about my extra curricular activities and stuff. i kinda talked more about the future.</p>

<p>i just checked the comprehensive review
Below federal poverty level, 300 points: __________
Above poverty level but $60K or less, 150 points: __________</p>

<p>What is the income based on? the income my parents made? which would be 2007? or is it based on a few years back?</p>

<p>because my parents made less than 60k last year but not sure about the years before. I didn't put that on my uc app. Is that more information? because that is 150points.</p>

<p>based on their most recent tax filing, which would be 2007. </p>

<p>the reasons you're submitting to help your appeal case should be on the level of "oh, you forgot to consider these areas that demonstrate my knowledge/talent/etc in ____" not financial reasons. if you didn't indicate that financial hardship was a significant hurdle in your high school education, there's no reason for them to consider that now -- it might be seen as scavenging for sympathy.</p>

<p>I just calculated my Comprehensive review scores.. i had 7622 without low income above poverty level and 7772 with the extra 150 points.</p>