Should I bother to try to transfer to Wesleyan??

<p>I think my college's national ranking is somewhere around 60. It's ridiculously expensive and I just don't like it here very much.
I didn't do that well in high school. I got 4.3 gpa in my junior and senior years, but taking every year into account it averages out to around 3.4.
SAT scores are also uneven: 800 reading, 500 math, 690 writing.
As of my first semester at college, my GPA is 3.9.
-I want to major in film studies, and I have lots of experience with film (and won some minor awards). Currently working on another documentary.
-I currently work as a tutor for elementary school kids, and in high school I also worked with kids.
-I write regular movie reviews for the college newspaper.
-I'm a chess player and I've won a few tournaments.
-won a small art competition.
-volunteered at a library throughout high school.</p>

<p>:/ ???</p>

<p>I don't think anyone really knows. Transfer statistics for Wesleyan range anywhere from 1in 4 applicants to 1 in 8 (depending on what entering class you are looking at), but, this is one area where the rules for regular decision and ED probably don't apply. Transfers aren't usually counted as part of the entering class and there's less pressure to land the highest scoring app with most hooks. The adcom is probably more interested in filling an under-enrolled major than a supremely popular one like film. But, who knows? Someone with a demonstrated talent for something Wesleyan offers certainly can't be written off entirely.</p>

<p>thanks, johnwesley. I didn't bother applying to any really good colleges when I was in high school because of my low GPA and math score, but I'm wondering if I have a slightly better chance now that I've finished a semester of college. I guess "who knows," is what I'm stuck with until (if) I apply, though :/ But am I at least within range? Would it not be a waste of time to apply?</p>

<p>I think you should apply.</p>