Should I bother?

<p>As application season begins, I'm wondering whether I should bother retaking tests, or if my current test scores suffice. My superscore SAT I breakdown is a cr/m/w: 710/770/800, which is pretty good, but for top schools that don't accept the writing section, a 1480 doesn't seem good enough to me. I'm considering taking the ACT in September, and though I have been struggling a little with time on the tests, I've been improving a lot through practice, and am confident I can reach my goal. My parents think that I won't have time to read with applications, school, tennis, etc., to take on the ACT exam, and though they have a valid point, I'm worried my SAT scores (cr especially) aren't good enough for top schools on my list like HYPS etc. Taking the SAT a third time is out of question, because I feel like it would make me look obsessive. So should I bother with the ACT or not?</p>

<p>-as a side note I'm taking the SAT II in literature, and if I'm able to get a 750+ would colleges overlook my lower cr score?</p>

<p>If you've been doing ACT prep and think you'll do well, there's no reason not to set aside a Saturday.</p>

<p>As for the SAT II in Lit, it's significantly harder than the SAT I CR, so while I wouldn't say that adcoms would "overlook" your CR score, they would certainly take your Lit score into account.</p>

<p>Thanks glassesarechic.
If I score below a 33 on the ACT I wouldn't want to submit it. Would any college be able to see that score, or would my SAT scores suffice?</p>

<p>anyone else? I'd appreciate anyone's opinion/advice</p>

<p>For colleges accepting score choice, it's now fine to take the SAT as many times as you like.</p>

<p>A 710 CR is considerably below median at top schools. There are Lots of 800 math applicants and CR remains a critical score. The 75th percentile at HYP, where an unhooked candidate wants to be, is 790.</p>

<p>I would retake the SAT and try the ACT if everything else is in range for these schools.</p>

<p>^ahh you make it sound so depressing....</p>

<p>"A 710 CR is considerably below median at top schools"...</p>

<p>...what do you consider "top" schools. A 710 is right about at the 50th percentile at Brown, Dartmouth, & Cornell...</p>

<p>Remember that the percentiles at top schools aren't necessarily accurate for unhooked applicants. Like Redroses said, most unhooked applicants should aim closer to the 75th percentile. The numbers are skewed by the "hooked"--legacies, athletes, developmental admits.</p>

<p>HYP do not look as far into sats and gpa at all. It is basically a qualifier for them to see if you can handle a course load. Your score is excellent and you do not need anything higher, it probably won't help you. After the numbers qualify, they look into ECs heavy recs and strong essays. Don't stress too much over the numbers, I know people who got into yale and harvard with 1440s</p>

<p>ok...I had a feeling I would hear something like what redroses said :(...but it's good to hear honest opinions. So if I do ACT and do worse (33 or below), would any college have to see this? On Commonapp it asks you have you taken ACT and you have to list scores, but I though most, if not all colleges, need to see only either the SAT or ACT (not both!)</p>

<p>I'm not reporting my act (31) with my sat (2230)</p>

<p>so it's allowed then? But when the commonapp asks if you have ever taken the ACT before whatsoever, you can just leave it blank? That's what I thought, but I feel like I'm lying to the commonapp or doing something wrong haha :)</p>

<p>I'm pretty sure, or you just don't send the official scores? I'm going to talk to guidance when school starts about it</p>

<p>CSdad, the median score at the schools you list is 730-740. That includes the 50% of the class that are athletes, URMs, legacies, staff kids and development. For an unhooked candidate to get in with a $710, there would need to be something they really want. So not at all impossible, but not probable.</p>

<p>And this candidate is talking HYPS!</p>

<p>Although you should aim for the 75th percentile, if you don't reach there, don't let it discourage you from applying.</p>

<p>And I got into a couple of ivy's and top tier schools with a 670 CR. No "hooks". Agreed I'm international but I'm Indian. Most of my friends have 750+ >.< </p>

<p>I might be an exception but I'm just saying... it's not impossible.</p>

<p>Apply, 'cause if you don't, you'll never get in for sure ;)</p>

<p>Either I'm reading these wrong or you are...</p>


<p>Brown</a> Admission: Facts & Figures</p>

<p>...700-740 is their median range with 32% of last years freshman above that range, 28% in the range, & 40% below the range</p>


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<p>..again a 710 is well within the median and above the 75th percentile for some of their colleges.</p>

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<p>Testing</a> Statistics</p>

<p>...720 is their 50th percentile</p>

<p>Mid 50 and median are not the same thing. Few unhooked kids are getting into these schools with a 710CR. Not at all impossible, but they would need to have a standout attribute.</p>

<p>Ok I've always known that my CR is subpar, but I've heard that colleges kind of just use SAT scores as a check off/ rather than a hook. Like when your above a certain level, raising your score won't make a big difference. I am well aware that the cream of the crop (HYPS) are extremely difficult to get into for unhooked applicants like me, but which of the following options would help me most at this point:</p>

<p>a) forgoing ACT, and studying hard and getting a 750+ on SAT II Lit (which is harder than SAT CR), giving me more free time for apps/school/sports</p>

<p>b) Taking time out of apps/school to practice for ACT and getting a 35 or 36</p>

<p>c) both...which would be very hard, but I'd do it if it improved my chances significantly for top schools</p>

<p>" Few unhooked kids are getting into these schools with a 710CR'</p>

<p> you're saying that 40% of Brown's class , around 45% of Dartmouth's, & over 50% of Cornell's had "hooks" last year? Is that typical?</p>

<p>That's an interesting point csdad....anyone want to answer my questions as well?</p>