Should I buy her a birthday present.

<p>So this is very interesting situation, </p>

<p>So last year, I met this girl, she is cute(10/10), and she is having all sort sof problems with her family and etc, and it was her birthday and it was like the the second mont I met her but I guess I felt sorry for her and I bought her a present and some flowers. But the problem was I suppose the present I got her was too expensive; something from Tiffany's. <em>I should note that I did not give up my whole life saving for that, I had good jobs and etc so I had money</em></p>

<p>Then the next few months proceeded, we never becamse close firends at all, sure we would occasionally talk for 5 minutes and sometimes on AIM and when I am frustrated or need someone to talk to, I would send her a long email and vice versa. I trusted her a lot since she was a good listener. We sort of grew apart at end of the senior year for who knows why. </p>

<p>We did not talk at all over the summer since I was busy either sleeping/vacationing. </p>

<p>Then as fate would have it, we ended up in the same college randomly and somehow we got assigned to the same dorm.</p>

<p>But we never see each other; which is amazing considering we use the same elevator, go to similar classes, and eat at the same dining hall. I think we see each other once a month, usually in odd and random places. And we have completely different social circles. </p>

<p>Now, the time comes again, it almost her birthday again, thanks to Facebook. </p>

<p>And my question is should I get her a birthday present?</p>

<p>If you don't ever talk or communicate with her, it'll be pretty creepy if you give her a present.</p>

<p>yeah, if you never see her it might be weird.</p>

<p>but you could say happy birthday to her, on facebook or whatever.</p>

<p>yea no present</p>

<p>maybe send an email- it's more personal than a facebook "happy bday"
explaining that you maybe want to hangout with her sometime? idk</p>

<p>lol nooooooo, you should've started talking to her more often! dude, wth wrong with you? what about something called fate? or freakin' luck? then eventually buy her that present! something smaller this time?</p>

<p>anyways, what happened?</p>