Should I / can I take honors physics?

I’m going in to my senior year and I already have all my science credits complete. However, I really really enjoyed taking physics in junior, which I was surprised by because I disliked both biology and chem. I got an A (96%) in it. Should I take honors physics? I know people usually take honors instead of the regular class, but can I still do it?

I would take AP Physics but I’m not sure if I could pass the AP exam. I’m not very confident with that type of testing and I really don’t want to risk it.

This will also be my only honors class. I didn’t do any AP classes either, although I’m planning to take dual enrollment class this year. (I’m going the community college-then-transfer route so I don’t think this matters much)

Thank you for reading!

Does your school require the AP exam for those people who take AP Physics? If you take it and do poorly, why does it matter? It would be unorthodox, and possibly not allowed, for you to take the honors version of a class you just took.

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Probably not allowed by your school. Nor should it be.


Thanks you for responding. They do require the exam. I’m also homeschool so it’s kind of hard to find AP curriculum so that was another reason. I wasn’t completely sure what the difference between honors and regular classes were so I wasn’t sure if it would weird of me to take it. But that’s good to know, thank you!

Thank you! That’s good to know!

Maybe take college physics at your community college next year for credit? You clearly enjoy it so why not continue?


This is what I was going to suggest as well. :grin:


Thirding taking College Physics through the CC! :slight_smile:
Don’t forget to try: foreign language (typically more choice at CCs, also much better than when you’re homeschooled BUT also much faster paced than at the HS level), a philosophy or “big questions” course, media studies, a science course that shines light on today’s society.
If you take 4 courses each semester, you should be able to fit one of those each semester as well as any graduation requirement or college recommendation, and all of them “count” as gen ed for any college you’d transfer to.
BTW, physics is a highly respected major. You need to like math though! (Are you taking calculus next year?) Typically, even if you can take Calculus based Physics alongside Calculus, the pass rate and enjoyment you’d get from taking first Calculus then Calculus-based physics can’t be compared :slight_smile: So, if you like Physics, take Calculus first, then Calculus-based physics : =) :slight_smile:


Thank you! That’s a good idea. I love math, which is probably why I enjoyed physics more than any other science I have taken. I’m taking pre-calc & trig over the summer and then calc my first semester so this is definitely an option I’ll consider.

Then you could take Calculus in the Fall, and General Physics (Physics based on calculus) in the Spring!

Go for dual enrollment physics! It should be pretty effortless to transfer the credit since you’re attending CC. You should already have a leg-up, as you took and succeeded in standard physics. For example, when my eldest son took AP Physics 1, it was his first ever physics course.

My opinion…you have already taken physics.

A community college course in physics would be good.

@Mathboythelegend this is a homeschooled student…so “dual enrollment” with what!

By dual enrollment I meant taking courses at the local CC along with being enrolled as a high school student, in this case a homeschooler.