Should I Cancel Scores? [Dilemma]

<p>Here's the situation: I took the SAT today with the intention of raising my superscore (760M, 750 CR, 800W), but I completely bombed the critical reading section. Would it be more reasonable to keep my score for the sake of getting the 800 in math or cancel it all together? I know that Stanford looks at all scores and am worried that the fact I didn't improve (and probably got worse in reading) may impede my chances.</p>

<p>How many times have you taken it?</p>

<p>Only once before today.</p>

<p>i'll say keep it. most schools have score choice or superscoring.</p>

<p>honestly if i was you i would cancel. JMO</p>

<p>I wouldn't cancel.
You've taken the SAT twice.
Stanford will just superscore.</p>

<p>Now... if you take it more than three times, now that's pushing it.</p>