should i cancel? (senior btw and deadline for cancellations is today))

<p>hey guys,</p>

<p>so basically on this sat i aced the critical reading and i think i got close to an 800 for writing. however, i got 2 wrong on math which makes my math score around 720-730. now, normally i would be happy with this but the thing is math is my best subject, and i indicated that i want to be an economics major on my college applications. on my past sat tests i've always gotten one wrong in math and i've ended up with a 770 or 780. this time my score will drop significantly.
this is an overview of all of my sat tests.
cr m math
740 770 730
720 780 770
760 770 720
projected 800 720 790</p>

<p>considering my past scores and also the fact that math is my best subject, is it a good idea to cancel or to keep my scores. i'm applying to several ivies and top schools and i'm looking to get scholarships. </p>

<p>thanks a lot guys.</p>


<p>It may be worth it to keep the score for colleges that superscore.</p>

<p>Would not cancel. 2 wrong in math is probably 750-760 (740 still very unlikely). Never seen the curve go THAT low (720-730) for two problems missed. </p>