Should I change from SAT to ACT? So disappointed

Hey guys, I’m a sophomore and got 1840 on the May SAT
I thought I had studied enough, but I guess it wasn’t.
My goal was 2000, and I thought I had gotten it.
R: 520 W: 640/9E M: 690
I’m an Asian so I really have to excel in standard test in order to make me a competitor at least
Should I try the ACT? I’m just so disappointed right now but I’m not sure if I should change to ACT because I’ve been studying SAT for pretty long time and just because I got 1840 on my first test I’m losing all my previous efforts on SAT.
Any opinions?? :frowning:

Try a diagnostic ACT and see how you do. However, you’re still a sophomore so please chill. You have a long road ahead of you and a lot of time to practice.

Agree ^^^. Try to work on your grades. The SAT will be redesigned next year. Your score are above average so don’t panic.

If you actually practiced for the SAT then I understand your concern. Certainly take the ACT ( some students do well in one and not the other).

Try the ACT junior year

I would take a diagnostic ACT. For some people (myself included), I baselined higher on the ACT than the actual score I got on SAT.

When making a decision, however, look at your problem areas. Are you getting points off because you do not understand questions, because you are rushing to finish on time, or because you are making stupid mistakes?

If time is your problem, the ACT is probably not the way to go. Most people have problems with time on the ACT.

If content is the problem, ACT might be the way to go. The grammar and reading sections are easier because they are more straightforward. The math section can be easier. It includes topics through some of precalc (which can be difficult if you are a sophomore and have not completed that math yet), but the questions are more straightforward than the SAT math questions. Also, science can sometimes be a really great section or a bit of a bust for people. If you are excellent at the science section, the ACT is definitely the way to go because some schools use the science section of the ACT rather than an additional SAT 2 to make decisions (so you would not have to take SAT 2s).

If you are just making stupid mistakes, SAT might be better because you have more time to check over your mistakes (or at least most people find that).

Also, just a word of advice-- I spent a lot of time studying for SAT like you and I did not end up getting the scores I wanted on my first time around. However, a lot of the SAT studying you have done will be applicable to the ACT, so I would not worry about wasting your time or having all that studying not mean anything.

Good luck!!!

@SJ1616 Thanks so much for the reply! I tried the diagnostic test and I got like 2 wrongs for each reading passage and 2-3 math problems… Didn’t even dare the science section lol hahah I guess I’ll just continue with the SAT because I’m very familiarized with it… I also thought that the fact that SAT is out of 4 digits and ACT is out of 2 digits made a difference since one error in ACT could get down from 36 to 35 meanwhile in SAT 700 something is pretty good!
Thank you again