Should I change my major before or after college starts? (please read details)

I will be a college freshman starting Fall 2019. I am currently planning on enrolling at the University of Iowa to study business/finance. I was pretty firm on my choice of business from sophomore year until now. I have realized that I haven’t enjoyed the business/finance classes that much. I took a personal finance course last year and I didn’t really enjoy it but I never took it as a sign that finance may not be my thing.

I am currently in a dual enrollment course called Intro to Business. I really don’t like it! It’s hard to pay attention and I find myself doing other things. With college inching closer and closer, I want to take action. I already talked to my school counselor and he suggested that I try a year or two of finance and see if I enjoy it or not. The problem with this to me is that I would be wasting my money doing a major I probably don’t like.

There are some majors I’m looking at like history or psychology. Throughout high school I have always been interested in the history/social sciences. I feel dumb that I didn’t take that as a clue for what I should study in:/ As of this time of writing, it’s early March. I am a direct admit to the business college. I haven’t really done anything except look for new majors I’m interested in and talking to my parents and counselor. The scholarships I have earned right now wouldn’t be impacted by any major change so I’m good there.

The people that I have talked to have recommended that I stay with business at least until end of freshman year because many of the courses for college freshman are general courses. I am dual-enrolling at the local community college and I am going to have my english requirements for UofIowa complete and I am also one year advanced in math by taking pre-calculus. I have also completed an intro to statistics class that is important for business majors. This is why I am still concerned even though I’ve had people tell me staying in business is the best decision right now.

What do you guys think? Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated and I would gladly elaborate on anything!

(I posted a question very similar to this a few days ago, but I haven’t received much help from it. I am hoping this one will have better results!)