Should I change my major? Biology -> EEB/Marine biology

I’m currently a freshman in Biology in University of Connecticut, Storrs.
I’m thinking whether to change my major to ecology&evolutionary bio or marine bio an I’d appreciate some advice on this.
My dream and career goal is to become a marine biologist or wildlife biologist as I’m very interested in marine life & wildlife conservation. I initially chose my major as Biology because I thought I could get a more general education of biology as a whole. Plus since I’m still an undergrad and am planning to go to grad school, I was thinking of receiving a more concentrated education on the field I want then.
But now I’m thinking maybe to switch my major so I can take more classes that I’m interested in and have more opportunities and connections. Especially as most marine biology classes are offered in a satellite campus(Avery Point) where it is well-known for it.
I think the cons of switching my major to marine bio would be not having the college experience at the main campus? Or maybe I’m rushing myself and I can wait till grad school? I’m not sure.

Are you a resident of CT where UCONN is your flagship? One difficulty with staying with biology as an udergrad is that grad school is very specific in marine science and you will not have been exposed to the different marine science tracks and will be deficient in background courses: marine bio, marine chemistry, marine geophysics. How much undergrad research is available to you at Avery Point? UCONN is not well known for their marine science program.