Should I change my major?

I am currently an accounting major who is about to start college, but I’m not so sure if I should stick to my major. I can’t really risk to change my major in the future and explore as I go because I want to graduate in 3 years and I don’t want to waste any time (I have some personal plans). I am 100% sure that I will be pursuing a career in the business field, but I’m just not sure if accounting is my thing. I really enjoyed my intro to accounting class in high school though and I thought it was really easy for me, but after doing some research I figured it can be challenging. I understand that every major is challenging in their own way, but I want to make sure that I am completely comfortable with these challenges and can work my way through them. Some majors I’m considering are finance, economics, actuarial science, international business, and data analytics. If anyone can compare and contrast these majors and list what they typically learn and do, that’ll be great!