Should I check off "Financial Aid" in Common App?

<p>Hey guys, so here's the thing:
I've been living in Washington State for over 5 years, but because I'm not a citizen/permanent resident, I'm counted as an international applicant when it comes to financial aid.
I know that applying for financial aid for top colleges is very hindering in terms of admissions, for most schools are need-aware. These include UChicago, Brown, Northwestern, and numerous others that I'm applying to. </p>

<p>So should I check off "Will you be applying for Financial Aid?" on the Common App? I mean, I do need some financial aid, but won't I be able to cover up the cost with some scholarships and other things? Not applying for financial aid greatly increases my chance (or I should just say, it doesn't give me the huge disadvantage as an international needing aid). Can I sort of "negotiate" with the colleges? (What is the maximum the school will give me kind of deal?)</p>

<p>Oh, also, does the more I can pay mean the better chance I have? So say if the amount I can pay is 10000 dollars, will the chance be better if I can pay 20000 dollars? How do the colleges determine that?</p>

<p>Please help.</p>

<p>Why not apply to need blind universities? Princeton is a great need blind school.</p>

<p>I did apply to Yale, and am applying to Harvard and Dartmouth, all need-blind.</p>

<p>If ou need aid, check the box. No, it will not ve easy to cover with scholarships unless you can get them in your country. And no, you can not just negotiate with colleges. Colleges have a small pool of money or intnls. If you are accepted, the top ones will award it based on their determination of your need, not based on what you want to pay. If you can pay more than your family's income and assets suggest, tell them. At need aware schools the more you can pay the better your chances.</p>

<p>Also remember that as an international student, if you do not apply for aid during the freshman admissions process, you will not receive aid at a later date. If you need aid, check the box and apply for aid</p>