Should I choose test optional?

I am a high school senior from the US who plans on applying to Mcgill this year. I know they’re test optional this year, but I called them and said that if I choose test optional I can’t submit any test scores at all. The issue with this is that I have a 3.76 unweighted GPA and a 1440 SAT super score, so I was hoping my SAT score would make up for my GPA. However, if I submit my SAT score I’ll have to take subject tests, and the nearest subject test is multiple hours away from me. So my question is, should I just submit without any tests and hope my GPA is good enough, or should I suck it up and take the subject tests?

What is your intended major? I am pretty sure that McGill admits by major and that a 3.76 would be okay for at least some majors, but I am less confident for a few competitive majors.

There are many other very good universities in Canada where admission would be very likely with an unweighted 3.76. One, Concordia University, is right up the street from McGill.

I was hoping to major in business, do you know how competitive that is? And I’m applying to western Ontario too which will take my SAT score, thankfully

Desautels is the most competitive faculty at McGill. The published minimum UW GPA is 3.7 so it would be a match.

Ivey at Western is also their most selective program.