Should I consider 2+2 or am I better waiting till after graduation

<p>Im into my Junior year of ChemE at a Ohio State but I will be on a 2 year program because of co-ops, I have taken the GRE but Im not to satisfied with my results so I think I might study for the GMAT over spring/summer (while on co-op).</p>

<p>My stats are as follow:</p>

<p>Cum GPA: 3.988 (hopefully can graduate with a 3.9+)
Major GPA: 4.0
GRE: 790Q, 570V, 3.5(I think)-Like I said probably take GMAT</p>

<p>I have two co-ops so far one with a largeish oil company and another small refining company, and will have my 3rd co-op this spring summer with the same large oil company. I also plan on TAing this upcoming quarter for an engineering class.</p>

<p>I dont have much leadership in school things, but I have lead a few large projects on co-ops that I hope can make up for my lack of school related things. </p>

<p>If it helps I am also a member of Tau Beta Pi.</p>

<p>If you want 2+2, retake for 750+Q adn 750+V. Also, you need real leadership experiences. Harvard is big on cultivating leaders. Member of Tau Beta Pi wouldn't help.</p>