Should I contact admissions?

Hi, so I recently did a really dumb thing when I submitted my suny application. When I put my name, for my middle name I only put my initial. I immediately noticed afterwards about my dumb mistake. Would this be a problem and should I contact admissions? Thanks for the help.

I can’t imagine that it would be a problem. Most paperwork only requires an initial, if that. Take a deep breath and move on to your next applications. If you really want to fix that, email the admissions office and tell them what the initial stands for.

Okay thank you for the reply, I was worried that it would affect my application. I feel a bit better now thanks

If you are concerned, contact admissions. I know that when my D was applying in 2008 on paper forms, she got a letter that some of her paperwork was missing. It turned out that there was another girl with the same first and last name and the admissions office had put D’s forms into the other girl’s file. I had her add her middle initial after that.