Should I contact my new roommate.

<p>I am a incoming freshman for college and will be attending over the summer. I was just wondering if people recommended contacting my roommate who i just recently received. If so, is their anything I should talk to him about or ask him before move in day. We will be sharing a double</p>

<p>You can ask what he is bringing. </p>

<p>No need to both pay for/haul down TVs for example.</p>

<p>Yeah I agree that you might want to find out if he is bringing certain thing (like TVs)and all that.</p>

<p>Yeah, you should contact your roomate beforehand. It'll give you the chance to figure out who's bringing what & when your roomate is moving in.</p>

<p>Yeah theres a list here somewhere of everything you need and you should each bring half the stuff and work it out before you go. It has everything on it even condoms cause they are important. And be sure to get ramen noodles in bulk before you go. And dont take anything expensive there right away cause it might get stolen. You might want to take plywood, a saw, and screws and a cordless drill cause some things you might need to get set up how you like them. What alot of people do is make a secret bunk area on the floor under the bed that was you can sleep better and nobody can see you. But you probubly need to take some plywood to do that right. Theres alot of other stuff you need but ill let everyone else tell you what else to do.</p>

<p>Definitely talk to them. You might even want to meet up before hand and go shopping together or something like that.</p>