Should I contact the Admissions Office about This??

<p>So about a week ago, I applied ED to Duke because I absolutely love it there. Once you apply, they let you create a user name and password so that you can view your application status and make any necessary changes to it. Well, I was looking over my app the other day and I scroll down to my SAT scores and I see my horrible Chem SAT2 score (590) that I did NOT send when I sent my scores a week ago. Then I remembered that two years ago, when I was a sophomore and didn't really know anything about college admissions or SAT subject test, I sent my scores to a bunch of random colleges (before I knew what my score was of course) to show that I was interested in them. Duke happened to be one of them, so I guess they kept my score from two years ago. The big problem is that I didn't really study for the test, I just took it because I love chemistry, and the test in no way reflects my ability in the subject. I put down chemistry as my intended major and talk about it a lot in my essays, so I'm worried that this could affect my decision. Should I contact the admissions office and let them know what happened and ask them to remove the score? Or should I just let it be and hope that the rest of the stuff on my application gets me through?</p>

<p>SAT IIs don't count for much; a girl on here got into Princeton as a French major despite having a 400/500 French SAT II. Don't stress, and good luck.</p>

<p>They're not going to remove a valid score from your admission application. What's done is done, I wouldn't worry about it.</p>

<p>Thanks for the quick responses!</p>

<p>Yeah I kind of figured there was nothing that I could do about it. Ok, so I guess there's no need in stressing over it lol</p>


<p>If you took the test again and scored higher, then don't worry. If you have other chemistry-related test scores that are higher, then don't worry.</p>