Should I contact the admissions team?

Hi! So I applied to several different colleges, including two SUNY schools (SUNY Canton and Alfred State) on November 5th. SUNY Canton sent me an acceptance letter two and a half weeks after applying. However, Alfred still has not sent me a letter. I applied pretty early and still have heard back. Should I email admissions?

No. Believe it or not, the adcom actually does know what they are doing. If they haven’t sent you a letter yet, it’s because you aren’t meant to get one yet. They’re different schools, so they have different admissions processes. Only email admissions if there’s an actual problem.

I see nothing wrong with calling or emailing the admissions office. If nothing else, it demonstrates interest in the school. It might help if you ask a question about your intended major or inquire that they have everything they need to evaluate your application. The admissions process is far from over this year. You might still hear some good news. Good luck!

In response to above, only email adcom if you have a legitimate question that cannot be answered anywhere else. “Why are you guys taking so long?” is not it. Check your portal to make sure everything has been received.

It really is fine to call admissions office to check the status of an application. The office staff can be very helpful and understands how stressful this process is. Also, if the applicant tells them that they are interested in attending and asks if there is anything else they can do to show they’re interest…you just don’t know. The phrase about that “squeaky wheel” comes to mind. No one ever got rejected because they were checking on they’re application.