Should I continue at UT or transfer to UTSA

Alright, so I’m having a bit of a dilemma. I have to spend four years in college in graduate with a BS in neuroscience, but I’m debating if it’s worth it to get my BS at an expensive, prestigious university like UT.

I’ve already been accepted and am attending UT. I like it alright but it is so expensive and I’m unsure if I’m wasting my money by going here for a BS when my goal is a PhD. I feel no real attachment here (though that’ll change if I spend the next four years here). But I will also accumulate about $50,000 in debt for all four years.

If I went to UTSA, potentially transferring in the Fall of 2022, I would have a much larger support system and I could save so much money. I could live with my sister to avoid room and board costs and the tuition alone is so much cheaper. I could graduate with a BS with almost no debt. UTSA also has a graduate school for neuroscience with a PhD track (while UT doesn’t offer above a masters).

Going to UT is supposed to be this big honor, but I’m trying to decide if it’s really worth it. Any thoughts?

Only you can decide. That you got into UT is awesome. Are you in-state bcuz if you got into UT you know doubt could have scored great deals at other OOS.

I don’t know your overall cost…in or out of state but……unless your parents co-sign you can’t borrow $50k. $50k is, to me, a lot of debt especially when you’ll pile on more in grad school. But you’ve committed and it’s early…many kids haven’t yet found themselves or fallen in love with their school but over time they likely will. Have you gotten involved etc ?

As for one school having a PHD track and the other not….doesn’t matter bcuz you likely will go to a different school for grad work anyway.

So from that POV I think you stay. But maybe seek out departmental scholarships or get a part time job.

The other thing I’m reading is maybe you are homesick…also common.

Part of going to college is being on your own, gaining independence and the like. If you are going to go back into a ‘comfort’ zone then why not go to a community college instead of a four year school.

Only you can decide. Debt is not your friend. But you made the decision knowing this up front and if you leave, are you really doing so for the right reason ? Can UT be the place you dreamed of over time?

Good luck to you.

If the goal is a PhD, then your undergraduate isn’t going to matter much, plus UTSA has the masters and PhD you’re actually looking for. Sounds like a win-win to me. If you’re planning a PhD, you really want to keep the debt down, otherwise your debt will exceed any benefits you get from your education. That’s a fast track to career misery.

I went to UTSA and I can tell you firsthand, it’s worth the savings. Not because their football team is better than UT…(totally a fact), their biotech school has an amazingly high job placement, because San Antonio is a biotech research hub. If that’s what you’re into, you’re better off going to UTSA.

I’m a huge UT fan, but I would go to UTSA if you’re going to save a lot of money.

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