Should I continue to pursue

I asked one of my teachers for a recomendation thru e-mail. He responded “What do you think I will say” I responded and said " I think you will" and then he responded “If i do write it, what do you think i’ll write in it”, I don’t how to respond should i just tell him to forget it?? Why would he be saying this? I mean it would be much more polite to just say no.

<p>well, maybe he just wants you to be introspective, like kind of evaluating yourself. It doesn't really seem that bad to me, but of course I don't know him so I couldnt really tell you if he was kidding around. I think you should tell him what you think he would say based on how your doing in his class etc and then if he says "well, im gonna give you a bad rec" then just rescind it. Theres no rule saying once you give a rec to a teacher he or she must complete it.</p>

<p>Well I should've said this before. I was a smart @$$ in his classes, I didn't take notes, i got a 2 on the AP exam. But I felt I learned a lot. And I've had that teacher more then any other teacher, I feel he knows me the best. Not to be conceited, he knows I'm really smart and the all the superb qualities I posess.</p>

<p>He is trying to tell you that if he will not write you a good letter. And he is pretty obviously trying to suggest that you ask someone else.</p>