Should I Dare to "Self Study" AP Physics C?

<p>Well.... technically, I'm not completely self-studying for the tests cold. I'm currently taking AP Physics B, and AP Calc B/C. And I believe I have a pretty solid grasp on the material. I was wondering, though, that if I prepare for the AP Tests for these courses, will this preparation -- plus some studying and practice from the 5 Steps to a 5 Physics C portions and released questions -- be enough for the AP Physics C Exams?</p>

<p>My Physics B teacher said it was easy (all of her students who independently took them either got 4s or 5s), but from what I heard, the physics C test heavily involves applied calculus and application of lots of concepts in physics into single questions..</p>

<p>spend a weekend reading the ‘c’ equivalent of what you have learned in b in a prep book and see how you do answering the c questions. 50%ish is the cutoff for a 5. The calculus is easy. I’m trying it this year while taking b, however, there is no pressure for me to do well since im a senior. In our class, mechanics was often a 4 or 5, but E&M was different from b and needed a lot more studying.</p>

<p>I took Physics C: Mechanics by independently studying while I took Physics B and AP Calc AB in school. Got a 4 on B, and a 3 on C. Both my friends who got 5’s on B and 4’s on C gave up on E&M 15 minutes into the free response section. Mechanics is quite easy (IMO) and honestly I didn’t study that much for it. So I would say at least go for it if you’re willing to put in the time to study.</p>

<p>5 Steps is oversimplified for C. You won’t be well-prepared.</p>

<p>C FRQ often involves 2 to 3 concepts for each question. You could get away with skipping the calculus-based questions, but if part a involves calc and you have to use part a for part b, c, d, and e… You get the point.</p>

<p>I have heard that Princeton’s Physics Review books are the best. Physics B provides a great foundation…Physics C goes a little deeper into that foundation with some early calc concepts. I think since you are doing good in B (for what I can ascertain), giving it a go isn’t a bad idea at all.</p>

<p>Do it.</p>

<p>I’m self studying both AP Physics C exams now too, although I did take Physics B last year and scored a 5 :)</p>

<p>Mechanics is really easy to learn. I basically learned about 75% of what’s on the AP Physics C: mechanics exam through AP Physics B.</p>

<p>Electricity and Magnetism… I’m finding this harder than I expected. PHysics B prepared me for about 25% of this exam, so I need to put in more effort to learn E&M than I do for Mechanics.</p>