Should I disclose personal issues on my resume/application?

<p>My GPA is low and 3.0. I want to apply for accounting and finance jobs. Should I disclose personal issues on my resume/application? Personal issues include health reasons like LD, depression, harassment, and legal issues. Should I disclose personal issues on my resume/application?</p>

<p>ABSOLUTLEY not.</p>

<p>Seriously where would you put that? Would your heading be something like Personal Issues or Excuses? The fact that you would try to highlight why you are at a disadvantage would make you come off as a "woe is me" type and nobody would even take a second glance at your resume.</p>

<p>All companies will do an extensive background check before an offer is completed. If there's something they could find out, like misdemeanor, DUI, etc, it is better to be forthright AFTER an offer is extended. I think those questions are included in the offer package. It is generally NOT a good idea to lie.</p>

<p>You don't have to tell them your health issues unless it will affect your ability to handle your job. If your LD is serious and you need more time to bring yourself up to speed, then I think it should be mentioned, until you get an offer.</p>

<p>yeah don't put that stuff on your resume. I had the exact same reaction as workingatbig4. </p>

<p>With that said, sometimes you can include personnel things in your cover letter. Say you were sick, in and out of the hospital for a period of time, you can tactifully slip it in your cover letter when discussing your time management skills. and if they see a corresponding drop in GPA during that period, they'll connect the dots. Idk, a 3.0 is not THAT bad that you need to make excuses for it.</p>