Should I do college ROTC?

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I am going to UNC Charlotte this fall and am thinking about doing Air Force ROTC. Joining the Air Force after college as an officer, ideally being a pilot, but working with drones, space command, or intelligence, would be something I would love. Doing PT at 6 in the morning and going to the classes is something I would probably like. I don't think I would like drill or the uniform but that is not something I would really care about. My main concern is that it is not something I am 100% sure I want to do, even though I am really leaning towards joining the Air Force, and considering it is a military program, it is not something I want to get involved in and quit in the middle of it. I know you can start sophomore and junior years but I feel like I would have missed out on a lot. I also have this feeling it would restrict your college social life. Traveling around a lot would be something I would love to do, so I am wanting to travel abroad several times in college. But AF ROTC only lets you go abroad if you need too for your major. I am not sure what I want to do as a career, but I joining the State department foreign service the most likely thing right now for me. My major right now is International Affairs, I also want to learn a language, probably Arabic. What are some other good forums and websites to help me with this decision?</p>

<p>YES! Its an outstanding program. If you get an ROTC Scholarship all the better. I cannot recommend this enough to you. Congrats and GOOD LUCK! DO IT!</p>

<p>Try posting this question in the Academies forum where they also discuss ROTC.</p>

<p>You can do ROTC for a year (possibly two - I don’t remember) without the commitment, so you can always try it and if you don’t like it, you can leave after the first year.</p>

<p>I had friends in Navy ROTC, and it didn’t restrict their social life. They went to a lot of parties and social events. They also had guaranteed internships over the summers and a guaranteed job at the end of their four years. Both of them are still in the Navy and recently got promoted, and they seem to really enjoy their jobs.</p>

<p>If you wanted to join the foreign service, you could do AF ROTC, serve for 4 years (or however long you want), and then take the foreign service exam when you finish your service. You could use your time in the AF to learn another language, which would make you competitive for the foreign service (AF officers get access to Rosetta Stone for free or cheap, and you can use tuition assistance programs to help you pay for classes in your target. If you want to learn Arabic you will be very valuable to the AF; take in college, if you can. The service itself will likely make you more competitive for the foreign service.</p>

<p>If you want to be an Air Force officer, than go ahead and do it! Like most jobs, it’s not something you have to commit to your entire life. The officer commitment is usually 4 years of active duty.</p>