Should I do this to myself Senior year?? Please read...

<p>I go to a school where I take 12 classes a day, 5 of which are judaic studies and hebrew classes. With 2 exceptions, I have been in all honors or AP classes in both my judaic studies and general studies classes. My school does not rank, and according to my own calculations, my GPA is at around a 91.66 UW, my best year was junior year. I'm only reporting one AP score out of the two tests I've taken.</p>

<p>I have pretty good ECs considering I'm in school until 5:30 every day, and commute over an hour each way. Plus, my summer activities will give me good ideas for my essays. I'll have great recs because I know my teachers and guidance counselors very well...</p>


<p>At this point, I know I want to apply ED somewhere...the question is Emory or Brandeis (two MAJORLY different schools, I know). I've visited both schools at least once, and I am going back to Emory in september to make my final decision.Emory is probably a low reach or high match for me, but I will be one of two or three kids applying, the others have lower stats than I do. </p>

<p>I'm signed up to take 4 AP classes senior year:
AP chem (which is known as the hardest science course in my school)
AP stat (I'm not a natural math student, I was just placed here)
AP Lit (Not excited for at all...)
AP Euro (-_-)</p>

<p>In addition to all of my other classes, four APs seems like too much. If I apply to Emory, I think I might need all of these AP classes. If I apply to Brandeis, I'm pretty sure I won't need them all.</p>

<p>IS IT WORTH IT TO WEIGH DOWN SENIOR YEAR WITH 4 CHALLENGING AP COURSES IN ADDITION TO A BUTTLOAD OF OTHER WORK? How much will my chances at either of these schools decrease if I DON'T take all 4?</p>

<p>Thank you so much!</p>

<p>You are going to get wildly varying responses on this from the collective masses.</p>

<p>Some think that when a college says "most demanding schedule", it means the most APs possible, and that unless you take a full load, you are disadvantaging yourself.</p>

<p>Others think that so long as you take a challenging schedule, which includes honors or AP in the core subjects (and probably some APs), you'll be ok.</p>

<p>No one really KNOWS the answer to this question, and it may vary school to school. So, it's impossible to say how much it will hurt your chances.</p>

<p>In any event -- it is better to take 3APs and do well than to take 4APs and do poorly. You have to decide how well you think you can do with the more difficult course load. However, you seem concerned that the courses are both difficult and not subjects that you're particularly interested in, which can be a deadly combination.</p>

<p>FWIW -- One of my children applied ED to Brandeis with 3APs (and 2 AP equivalents) total and was accepted. However, this was 5 or 6 years ago, so things may have changed. BTW, She loved it there.</p>

<p>zephyr15, thanks for the response!</p>

<p>I know that if I take all 4, I will do well but end up having to work my butt off all of senior year. It especially sucks because I have ZERO interest in Lit or Euro.</p>

<p>Oh well, we'll see...</p>

<p>Also just so you know, Brandeis and Emory both offer EDII and EDI. So if Brandeis really is your second choice school and you are rejected from Emory EDI, you'll still be able to make the EDII deadline for Brandeis.</p>

<p>Thanks, askjeeves. I am aware of that but I'd love to finish the application process ASAP</p>

<p>I suspect that if you submit an application to either Emory or Brandeis RD, and timely ask for it to be switched to EDII, they will accommodate you.</p>

<p>To put it frankly, I wish I was you. 8 APs senior year -_-</p>

<p>OMG WHYYYYY. Where did you/are you apply(ing)?</p>

<p>Honestly you should absolutely drown yourself in APs your senior year, and if it is too much drop out of a couple during the semester break to make colleges know you mean business, but then once your application is in you can take it easy ( not too easy because you might get a warning/withdrawal letter)</p>