Should I drop a class to save my GPA?


So I am trying to transfer to a UC in one year. Currently, I am taking 7 classes and 3 prereqs for Bus Econ at UCLA. However, I am taking Spanish and think I will get an A- in the course, if not a B+. My question is: should I risk the lower GPA to not have a W? Not getting this A- would potentially allow me to get a 4.0 or at least a 3.9. With it, I would probably get a 3.86.

Please let me know!

Keep the A-

Wow, that is some heavy load! Is there any way you could get some tutoring help for the Spanish so that you can get an A in it?

I could, but the teacher is an extremely hard grader, and despite hours that I put in studying she still gives me bad scores on assignments. I know people get into UCLA with W’s so I’m wondering if I should prioritize my GPA?