Should I drop a language class for environmental AP

I’m applying to CALS ED for agricultural science and have yet to take environmental. My senior schedule is loaded and I’m debating whether to drop Spanish for Environmental AP. Should I do it or not and why? Thanks in advanced for helping :slight_smile: says that AP environmental science gives no credit or advanced placement at Cornell.

Hi @ucbalumnus, thanks for the reply! I’m not trying to take environmental science for credit, but rather because I’m interested in the class and I thought it would reflect that interest well to CALS admission officers. My main concern is whether the positives of keeping/not dropping Spanish outweigh the benefit of taking AP environmental science.

What level of Spanish have you already completed?

Google the common data set for Cornell and look at section C. If you have completed the required/recommended level of foreign language then it is fine to switch courses. If you have not yet completed the required/recommended level of foreign language then stay with Spanish.

@ucbalumus, I’m not on the honors and AP track, but have completed Spanish 8 in middle school, and Spanish III, IV, V in high school

If you’ve completed level V, then you’re done, if you want to be done.

That said, take APES if it interests you; don’t take it to impress admissions - they won’t be impressed.

Put another way, Cornell does not consider level of interest in the admissions process.

@skieurope Thanks for the help, I’ll probably be changing to APES. Maybe I wasn’t clear enough earlier, but I didn’t mean interest as in how much I want to go to cornell (I certainly do), but rather my interest in the subject.

@bambooc I understood; the answer is the same. :slight_smile:

Good luck.

@BambooC, it’s a win-win if you take Environmental. Senior year is a great time to take classes you are passionate about and Cornell likes to see kids take courses during their senior year in the area of interest they would like to study in Cornell. My daughter is a freshman at Cornell, not CALS, and was told this by a contact she made in admissions. No matter what schools you end up applying to, the goal is to set yourself apart from everyone else. Safer to assume everything matters when going through the process.

@kidodie Thanks for the advice! I met with my guidance counselor earlier today and switched into Environmental Science. Pretty excited to start school next week.

CALS doesn’t care as much about foreign language and you have the minimum so you can take APES with no worry. :wink: