Should I drop my failing classes?

I am in a 4 year private university but realized this college wasn’t for me, I plan on heading back home and attending community college. Since the community college would need a transcript from my time at this university, would it be better to withdraw from my two failing classes that I am struggling with so it wouldn’t weight down on my transcript? The deadline for withdrawing from classes is soon and I will not be able to raise them up in time.

I don’t think that you want to have an F or two on your record.

One or even two W’s are not a big deal. Everyone messes up at some point. If the extent of your mess up is that you have one semester with two W’s (which I am guessing means that you also have three good grades), this is not great but is not catastrophic either.

You also should learn from this. What will you do differently next time? In the future you need to (i) Take courses that you are prepared for (eg, have taken and understood the prerequisites); and (ii) Stay ahead in your course work. Even with this, things can go wrong.

A W is definitely better than an F. If you have no way to recover and earn at least a C, then a W is in order here.