Should I drop my major class?

<p>I'm in a community college now and will transfer to SFSU for undergraduate (because of money and cost) and plan to enroll to UC-Berkeley for graduate in computer science (software engineering). My GPA after completing 43 credits is 3.8.</p>

<p>In my CC there are no programming face-to-face classes, all Java classes I need are online. I completed online Logic, design and programming with "A" and online summer-course (2x faster) Intro to Java with "B" (which I did not feel at all, I hated the pace of the class).</p>

<p>Right now I am taking CINS 236 (advanced Java), and it is online again..... I hate that there is nobody who can explain me stuff or answer my questions. Given that this is my major, I do not want to just pass a class with B or lower, because I want to truly understand the subject.
Would it be better to withdraw from the class and take it at another CC (planning to go to CCSF or other CC for one semester) with a professor?
I really suffered from taking Intro to Java online and need more help and guidance in it, because I didn't understand everything.</p>