Should I drop one AP to self study another?

<p>For my senior year I'm signed up to take,
AP Lit
AP Calculus AB
AP Comp Gov/Economics Honors
Fashion & Sewing - Level 3 (Will be majoring in fashion design)</p>

<p>I know English credits can be waived at the school I'm looking at which is great, but not too sure about AP Comp Gov... I'm committed to taking all the other classes though.</p>

<p>I've decided I want to self study AP Art History though, because I know for sure that will waive credits. Now I feel like taking AP Comp Gov would be a waste of time considering it has the reputation of being a difficult class at our school in comparison to AP US Gov which is the "easier" option. Or I could just take regular US Gov, because the idea of taking 5 AP exams is a bit much for me to handle.</p>

<p>What do you guys think would be the better option? I had a 4.5 GPA this junior year so I consider myself a good student :) Also, if I did end up taking only 3 APs with a schedule of 5 classes only, would that look really bad to colleges, even though I also have a very strong set of extra curriculars?</p>

<p>Thanks so much for your help everyone :) Hope you all got the AP scores you wanted too!</p>

<p>Well you have the EC’s already, so you’re good. But then again, don’t take a class you don’t need, like AP comp gov. Pick a class that has something to do with your major. </p>

<p>LOL btw don’t take regular, trust me, i’ve taken RUSH, and I felt like everything in that class was filled with BS. I didn’t learn anything, I regretted not taken APUSH.</p>

<p>Why not do AP US gov instead… lol btw what’s the difference between AP comp gov and AP US gov? I only have AP US gov in my school.</p>

<p>Then again it’s your choice. If 5 exams are too much for you, then just take 3. You already have the EC’s, so it’s a great balance. Don’t stress yourself out.~</p>

<p>Btw rate my schedule too if you want? :D</p>

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