Should I drop out of college or finish?

Just want to again make the point that this choice is not binary: dropping out or finishing. You can leave school, work and then return to school. You can attend in a non-traditional way, and work or not work. Online, low-residency, continuing ed, degree completion etc.

My main concern is that you have not given it enough time (usually people find their tribe after a period of unhappiness, very common) and also that COVID affected your experience and maybe you should give it a chance as the pandemic eases (we hope).

But you are not trapped at school and you are not blocked from pursuing a degree if you leave either. There are many paths.

ps if you are junior is community college an option?

Quitting college and dropping out is NOT going to help you get back what you feel you lost. Your gpa is decent. Is dropping out and starting over going to improve your life? I know you’re unhappy, but frankly, at this stage, these ideas will serve zero purpose and instead will slow you down. Transfer to a different CSU, maybe one close to home so you can commute. Make your social life with people you know near your home. Get a part time job at a fun and lively place where you can meet coworkers. Have fun with them and keep busy with work.

I attended a CA community college back in the day and graduated from CSULB. I worked through out college and lived at home. For me, college was a means to an end: a degree. I had more fun after college than I had at any other time in my life. For MANY people, college is never going to be an idealized “best four years of your life” experience. Maybe let go of that idea, get your degree, and take advantage of any fun opportunities that arise along the way.

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