Should I EA?

<p>I was originally not even considering Caltech EA since they had a seperate application, but since it is now on the Common App, I was wondering whether I should just throw in my app...</p>

2140 sat (800 M, 650CR, 690W ) <- Retaking October expecting 100-200 point increase
3.5 GPA from a highly selective school which doesnt rank (all they see is 2nd tier out of 4) <- worst part of my app</p>

<p>bunch of Math and science competition high scorer (AMC/AIME, NJSL, sciolymp)
cross country
model UN
Lots of dedicated comm serv including religious school which i helped start...I think best part of my app</p>

<p>If I don't have at least 15-20% chance of getting in, I'm not going to bother applying. So, with that pathetic GPA, should I apply?</p>

<p>You should apply, but you would be helped tremendously by a flashy award or project or something first semester of senior year. You should try to get something like that. If it's easier for you to get the application over with early, then do so (there won't be any negative impact on the regular action evaluation even if you get deferred the first time). You can even sent supplemental awards, etc., as they come in. </p>

<p>Still, if I were you, I'd wait til the regular round. Also, keep in mind that the last application you do are typically your strongest, so the schools that are "reaches", it makes some sense to apply to last.</p>

<p>Several schools which "accept" the common application have required supplemental applications. Caltech has an extensive supplemental. So you should be cognizant that applying to Caltech is not a matter of completing the standard common application, then pushing the send button.</p>