Should I even apply?

GPA: 3.687 (Weighted) - This will increase with the first semester of senior year and I have a very good upward trend.
Rank: Top 20%
AP Rigor: Three AP classes, two AP tests.
Honors Classes:<a href="3%20yrs.">/b</a> of Honors Math, (1 yr.) of Chemistry, (2 yrs.) of English
-- Total of (6 classes)
28, will retake again.</p>

<h2>Residence: Michigan</h2>

Student Government - President (12), Member (11, 10, 9)
Class Council - Vice President (12), Treasurer (11), Member (10, 9)
Astronomy Club - President (12), Vice President (11), Member (10, 9)
Philosophy Club - President (12), Member (11, 10, 9)
Model UN Club - President (12), Vice President (11), Member (10)
National Honors Society - Historian (12), Activities Coordinator (11)
Freshmen Mentor Program - Member (12, 11)
Students Against Drunk Driving (SADD) - Member (12, 11)
Co-President of a community service club
DECA - Fundraising Co-Chair (12, 11) Member (10, 9)
Drama Club - Secretary (11), Member (12, 10, 9)
Debate Club - Member (12, 11, 10, 9)
French Club - Member (12, 11, 10, 9)</p>

Raised in poverty and fled war-torn nation of Yugoslavia; escaped genocide of my Albanian race.
First generation immigrant</p>

<p>Work Experience:
Coney Island - Waiter, Busboy, Dishwasher (12, 11, 10, 9, 8)
- At least 20 hours a week.</p>

Fluent in Albanian, Serbian, Croation and English.</p>

<p>Awards, Achievement, and Recognition:
Math Commendation - 2 years (11, 9)
Top Debater - 2 years (11, 10)
Model UN Best Delegate - (11, 10)
Model UN Honorable Delegate - (9)
French Club Commendation - 1 year (10)
Economics Commendation - 1 year (9)
School Spelling Bee Winner - (11)
School Spelling Bee Runner Up - (10)
Virtual Stock Exchange Honorary Mention - (11)</p>

Volunteered 200+ hours at a local hospital.
Volunteered 150+ hours at a local library.
Volunteered 150+ at an animal shelter.</p>

<p>Financial Aid Needed?:

Do it do it do it</p>

<p>Gosh I'm really unsure about it. This is an extremely good school, what gives me an a remote chance of getting in even if I apply ED?</p>

<p>Sweet! They do Early Action, non-binding FTW!</p>

<p>Can I get some more opinions on my chances?</p>

<p>Well, frankly it will be very very difficult for you to get into Chicago with those stats. Probably a high reach, although not impossible.</p>

<p>Note that 85% of incoming students to the class of 2012 were in the top 10% of their class, and 75% had ACT scores of 29 or above. That puts you in a poor position.</p>

<p>The first thing you want to do is to get that ACT score up to about a 31 or 32. After that, you need to write very very good essays. Chicago gives students without the best chances a better shot than the rest of the elite schools, but the caveat is that you have to write extremely interesting essays that really show off your creativity.</p>

<p>The hook, language skills and all those ECs give your profile a massive boost.
So even if your stats are (relatively) low, I think you still have a decent chance.</p>

<p>But yeah, work on your GPA/ACT/essays.</p>

<p>No. Chicago is a high reach.</p>

<p>Do you have a green card or are you an international student? If you're an international student and you're looking for financial aid, those stats will make it near impossible. If you're not, since they're need-blind for domestic students (green card holders or citizens), it'll be a very high reach.</p>

<p>Thank you for the replies.</p>

<p>Can I get some more opinions on my chances?</p>


<p>You kinda got censored at the end there.</p>


<p>I say you might have a chance. You have lots of EC's but you need some thing really outstanding to make the adcoms look at you. In addition, don't forget to write a killer essay, especially the one unique to Chi.</p>

<p>How long have you been living in the US? Students that have brought themselves up to par (or above) academically in a few years of living in the US look very good to adcoms.</p>

<p>I have been living here since 2nd grade so I'm not sure that'll be too much of a factor. Would anyone like to say I have about a 40% chance of getting in? Or am I being to positive?</p>

<p>Would anyone like to say I have about a 40% chance of getting in? Or am I being to positive? </p>

<p>See if you can improve your scores by taking the SAT. Great EC's. If you don't improve your test scores 40% is high, imo, more like 20% at best. By the way, where are your SAT II scores?</p>

<p>Actually, your ECs aren't that outstanding unless those clubs have done outstanding things.. as in beyond the typical realm of low-commitment high school clubs.</p>

<p>Anyway, I think your ticket is the number of languages you're fluent in and your unique background. Emphasize those. Also your community service if you're passionate about it. (Admissions officers can tell the difference between people who volunteer passionately and those who do it to rack up hours.)</p>

<p>Is the SAT II required for admission into UofC?</p>

<p>Honestly, people on CC can't give you a very accurate picture at this level; you're clearly in the running, but for example, I can't tell whether those clubs are just filler or you actually accomplished impressive things, like for Astronomy club, did you discover and name your own star? What does taking three APs mean at your school? Is that common, or are you the first ever to take so many APs? When you were volunteering at your local library, did you run a reading program for kids and boost membership by 40%?</p>