should i even bother applying ED?

<p>ok so i pretty much goofed up my freshman and sophomore years. im a rising junior btw. out of 4.0, i have about a 3.4-3.5 gpa. i have a few A's, mostly B's, and one C. i don't do any extracurriculars. i did rotc for a year, but quit. won't put that on college application. not athletic either. so lets say i get all A's my junior year, and do several EC's, do i have a shot at ED? and also im at cornell summer college right now, i think im making a C. </p>

<p>i wanna know if i have a chance, b/c if i don't, i wanna use my ED on a lesser college</p>

<p>edit: oh yeah, i have taken world history AP, but i got a 2 on the AP gonna take bio AP next year. and im from tx, im east indian</p>

<p>Your chances are quite slim</p>

<p>currently, I would agree with NiteStriker in that your chances are "quite slim"</p>

<p>however, I would say that if you show a significantly large improvement during junior year, do well on SAT, and offer some sort of explanation as to why you "goofed up" in your essays -- I would actually say you have a shot. </p>

<p>To answer your question, if you really like Cornell, apply ED because as they say, the chances of getting in if you dont apply is 0 with infinite significant figures :P xD</p>

<p>Best of luck next year!</p>

<p>I agree with the two answers above. If you show a great upward trend and really focus on having amazing essays/scores, you will be in a much better position than you are currently.</p>

<p>Turn your sights elsewhere. There are so many great schools out there. Besides, Cornell in the fall, winter, and spring doesn't even resemble Cornell in the summer.</p>

<p>What do you mean by East Indian? If you're Native American, welcome to Cornell/any other place you want to go to. If you're the India Indian, lol your chances are kinda screwed man.</p>

Cornell in the fall, winter, and spring doesn't even resemble Cornell in the summer.


<p>This... poetic phrase is... without words...</p>