Should I even bother applying to Brown?

<p>I'm conflicted between applying to Brown RD or just applying to Wesleyan ED. I love both schools and would be happy at either one, but I'm not sure which one to choose. </p>

<p>GPA: 3.8 UW, 4.2 W
School does not rank
SAT I: 2070
SAT II: 700 Lit, 640 Math II
Courses: IB diploma candidate (most rigorous classes possible) - IB HL Math, IB HL Physics, IB HL English, IB HL History, IB SL Spanish, IB SL Art, TOK </p>

• piano - 8 yrs, passed ABRSM grade 7 exam
• volunteer pianist at a hospital
• started a new piano teaching program for homeless children
• Latin Club - 3 yrs, co-president
• Key Club - 3 yrs
• Art Club - 3 yrs, Executive Board member
• Literary Magazine - 3 yrs, editor
• tutor at 2 locations (homeless shelter and school)
• National Honor Society - president
• research intern - cancer research focusing on multiple myeloma using the zebrafish model
• library volunteer, 2 yrs</p>

<p>In total ~500 hrs of community service</p>

• Discus Award
• Scholastic Art & Writing Award
• National Latin Exam gold
• National Spanish Exam silver
• Congressional Award silver</p>

<p>I know my stats are definitely sub par - should I give a shot at Brown, or apply ED to Wes?</p>