Should I even bother applying to Brown?

<p>I don't feel like applying if I don't have a chance because it is the only one of my choices schools I need SAT II's for.</p>

<p>If not Brown what should I apply to specifically in the mid-west.</p>

<p>Interest: Computer Science/Software Engineering</p>

SAT (retaking): M:670 CR:600 W:610
GPA (overall): 5.47 on a 5 point scale
GPA (unweighted): 4.9 on a 5 point scale
ACT: 25 (not even bothering with this test)
Rank: 25 out of 604, placing me in the top 4.1% of my class</p>

Speech Team Captain
German Club
Math Team</p>

Nation Honors Society
Math, English, German National Honors Society
VFW Scholarship winner in my local VFW Auxillery
Presented speech on Memorial Day to my town</p>

<p>Really nice recs:
German teacher
Member of my state's senate
Math teacher </p>

<p>I am 25% Hispanic</p>

<p>If you can get your SAT's up I think you have a great shot at Brown.</p>

<p>My personal opinion: no.</p>

<p>My personal opinion is no as well.</p>

<p>I'm also going to say no.</p>

<p>Agree. How about UMIch, Wisconsin, Purdue?</p>

<p>Don't bother.</p>

<p>Redroses, with all due respect (and I respect your posts a LOT), I am surprised you would have suggested UMich.</p>


<p>Sorry, I don't think so! :(
You'd need more EC's, higher SAT scores, etc.</p>

<p>(Please chance me back!)</p>

<p>Sorry, but the ECs are underwhelming and the SATs are about 400 (!) points away from where they would need to be. I would say not to bother.</p>

<p>Thats a short list of EC's
I tutor math after school 3 days a week
I help during the special olympics when NEDSERA hosts it at my school
I help out at my church whether fundraising or working the concession stand during basketball games.</p>

<p>@redroses, is UofI a possibility because I get instate tuition there</p>

<p>I also:
Participated in GIVS, an organization that assigns students to aid teachers in the classroom for one year</p>

<p>became a Red and Black club member at my school</p>

<p>and I also donated more than 100 hours of my time to my schools theater program</p>

<p>Your scores are priority. Extra ECs that you listed don't make up for the lack of "Ivy worthy scores."</p>

<p>Thanks guys</p>

<p>Unless money is an issue, I would say to apply. You never know who's going to be accepted. You could be lucky, or get a miracle... Again, unless money is an issue though. (application fees)</p>