Should I even bother applying to NCSSM?

I recently posted a “chance me” style question about getting into NCSSM. I’ve done a little more research on the matter and I have more questions; Mostly, should I even bother applying to NCSSM in the first place?
I want to go to NCSSM because I feel unchallenged at home. I live in a rural part of CD2, with some of the most underfunded schools in the state. I’m not super passionate about science or math, but I am talented, at least by my town’s standards. I want to be a theatre or history major in college. I was attracted to NCSSM for it challenging courses in world language (my school only offers spanish, which I already speak) and its outstanding theatre program. Mostly I was attracted to it because it’s far from home. Should I bother applying to NCSSM? Would it be a bad look to go to a specialized STEM school and apply for arts/humanities majors in college? Would I be better off at home?

Go for it.

I can’t see why it would look bad to get a strong foundation in STEM subjects when applying for arts/humanity majors. There are so many ways that technology has changed and transformed performance art that it would open up more opportunities, I think, to have a deeper understanding of it. It might even help differentiate you from the pack.

Or you could change your mind and direction a few years from now.

Math and science opens more doors than they close.