Should i even bother applying?

<p>Ok so I'm not some super-student like most of you here, but I do have high aspirations. My sophomore and freshman years were bad, but I've been on a steady increase.
Freshman gpa - 2.7/2.8
Sophomore- 2.9/3.0
junior- 3.4/3.7
sat- 1800 CR- 640 M 560 WR- 600 (essay: 12)
i plan to retake it and have around a 1900.
white/roman catholic
parents divorced
High school- St. Ignatius College Prep
I am the captain of the crew team. I have been in contact with a few major schools for recruitment. i.e. harvard, yale, dartmouth,
my 2k is 6:36
I placed in the top 30 at crash-B's
i am taking 2-3 ap's next year
i am the founder of a Ronald McDonald house visitation program.
i am a member of a pallbearers society.
chess club president, 2004 city champ
latin club
mission trip to a jesuit school hungary this summer to help underprivileged kids.
volunteered at William Patrick Day- a children's mental retardation pre-school.
corporal support squad
in total 300+ hours service
recs from school president, AP gov teacher (great recs)</p>

<p>not great, but i can still hope at least...</p>

<p>anyone think i can get in?</p>

<p>Ok well at first, just skimming through ur profile i would have said its a reach but a reasonable one because of ur high SAT scores.
further reading it in detail I noticed u have a talent at Varsity crew! From wat i understood, u are NCAA material. Well that changes ur story a lot!
Miami has a top notch crew team and that raises ur chances incredibly. u should definately make it evident on ur application that ur excellent at crew!
I would also contact the athletics department because u might have a chance at making the team which is a nice ticket into UM.
Right now, this is ur selling point. </p>

<p>Without rowing: here is ur situation. I strongly urge u to crack a 1900 to increase ur chances. and make sure ur gpa is at least at a 3.0 becuase im pretty sure UM wont take someone with anythign below a 3.0 unless u have an extenuating circumstance such as ur a great football player etc..
anyways, write an amazing essay cause that does recieve a ton of weight at UM. also letters of reference. due to ur low gpa try to find 3 ppl that can reccommend u well and def a letter from ur crew coach!</p>

<p>Finally, make sure u and ur coach contact UM and let them know of ur talent and potential. That alone and considering ur High SAT scores and rather average gpa could get u in!</p>

<p>hey thanks!</p>

<p>anyone else?
i am very interested in this school, and my counselor at least thinks i have a good shot.</p>

<p>you have a 67.599% chance of getting in.
if you raise your GPA, you'll officially have 72.66% chance.</p>